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Rebirth and Evolution

Intervjun är på Engelska.

Hi, Robin here from the Maloik.

Hello how are you?

Great thanks and you?

Just great.

Now shall we get started? Do you have any upcoming plans for the future like any shows?

Well we have 4 festivals one in Barcelona Rock fest, one at Fuori Orario in Italy, Rockmaraton Hungary and at Masters of Rock in Czech Republic. Then it’s later in autumn this year 9-10 shows and spring next year some tours but right now it’s planning.

For this album you started an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, how did that start and go?

It worked great, we asked about 40% to get started and we ended up with 160% of the goal. And we got to release it and do as we wanted it to be.

Is it something you will use again for future projects?

Well see, right now it’s planning and live shows so well see.

You are going for a more modern approach for this album, how come?

We love what to do and try something different, the saga of the earlier records is finished so we had nothing more to stick to. With this new chapter and for the fans we wanted a new path to tread upon with more of the things we like.

On the Song ”D.N.A.” you have Elize Ryd doing a guest appearance, how did that start?

In the studio we just knew her voice was perfect for that song, and we are friends with her. Been on tours, the Camelot tour 2011 for example. But we knew she was on tour with Amaranthe at that time but we gave her a call, she was interested and was going to try and get it to work. In the end it did and it’s perfect.

I have listened to the album and it is a great song, like the album overall.

Well thank you.

And on the song ”I Am” you have Mark Basile as guest.

Yes, Marko sings For DGM, is a producer and owns Domination Studios where we recorded it. He’s a long time friend and a duo with him was great on that song. And on that song we even used an Alto saxophone for the first time.

I was just about to ask about that, noticed it when I listened earlier. What, an sax here? It just fits great there.

We haven’t been able too use things like that before so now its amazing to be able to just do what we want.

I think that’s great, a bit fun for I play the sax myself.

Wow, that’s cool haha

How has the feedback been for the new album?

It’s an early stage yet but we released the video for ”Phoenix Rising” a few days ago, but for now as we have seen it’s been great.

Have the writing been an challenge as you have finished the saga and got yourselves a lot of new ground to explore?

We’ve just been doing what we want and just tried a more direct and modern approach.

After the 20th farewell tour you started this new chapter of Rhapsody, was that in the planing for a while?

No, both me and Turilli had planned to quit Rhapsody whole for our own separate projects at the end of that tour. But we had such great feedback from the fans and it worked so great working together again after such a long time. So we tough and talked about it and we settled if we really were going for it, it would be something fresh and new and then it was decided.

And with this we changed the logo, first we changed our name to Zero Gravity. But the promoters couldn’t do that much by that so instead we added our names above Rhapsody. And also got the new motto Rebirth and Evolution which we added under the album title. We wanted to give all fans a fair start by that and we have said that since the campaign.

Well I’m glad that you choose to keep going, you have delivered a strong album that I am sure the fans will like as I have.

Thank u, that’s appreciated that u like it.

You will release the album June 28th through Nuclear Blast?

Yes that we will, and we also will release vinyl versions that’s a thing nowdays. A nice limited silver version that’s great with others.

Great news, I collect those vinyls. And there’s also an bonus track for the vinyl version?

And the Digipak version, it’s an cover of Josh Groban’s Oceano wich we love, a great song.

It will be nice to hear when it’s all released.

Well I think I’ve got all my questions asked and if your happy with this I’m happy. Thank u for your time and have a great continued success.

Thank u and have the best, hope we see each other at Stockholm some time.

Yeah, will sure try to get there, bye


Interview over phone with Fabio and Luca by Robin ”Gråben” Gustafsson of The Maloik

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