”Bands & Breakfast” – Ideellt arbete med musikaliska förtecken!

The Maloik kontaktades nyligen av Mike Eichert, initiativtagare och grundare av projektet ”Bands & Breakfast”. Verksamheten är baserad i Zürich och riktar sig till band och musiker som turnérar i Schweiz. Nyfikna som vi är tvekade vi inte en sekund när Mike kom med en intervjuförfrågan!

Hi Mike! You’re the founder of ”Bands & Breakfast”, that almost sounds like ”Bed & Breakfast”, however we understand that it stands for quite a lot more! Tell us about ”Bands & Breakfast”!

Hey Peter! First of all, I would like to thank you for the interview. In fact, Bands & Breakfast is similar to Bed & Breakfast, at least the latter is the origin of my project.

How did you come up with the Idea in the first place?

Bands & Breakfast was launched in 2014 after a Swiss organizer was looking for your booked band, which hails from Helsinki. Today, Bands & Breakfast has been around for more than 5 years with increasing interest and consistently positive feedback. However, the project should not only be available to musicians and bands from all genres in the long term as a non-profit project with increasing supply, but also for all other areas in the media and music sector.

Do you mostly work alone with this project or do you have a partner, maybe even staff as well?

At the moment I’m mainly working alone, but I have support from my wife, who is responsible for the meals during the stay of our guests.

Has there been any world renowned bands among your guests?

The well-known bands that have been our guests to date have been Bai Bang and Kickin Valentina. But one must not forget that straight world stars often have a higher claim, as newcomers or underground bands, which we can currently not do justice. However, I have the ambitious goal to change this and also to welcome such stars in the long term.

Which are your most appreciated services?

At the moment I mainly offer accommodation and meals as well as after consultation with the respective locations and organizers backstage service. Otherwise, I still try our guests to show something of Switzerland or local bars. Furthermore, as far as possible, I also offer the bands and musicians the opportunity to interview me on my Facebook page, my YouTube channel and other areas during their stay.

What is the strangest request you’ve gotten so far?

The strangest question came, how could it be otherwise, from my memory, from the States, where a musician once asked me if he could bring his pistol. That we disapprove of that, goes without saying.

Do you have a dream artist and/or band that you would love to stay at ”Bands & Breakfast”?

No, we are independent, private and non-profit. So it’s open for all genres all over the globe. 

If you look into the future, what are your hopes and goals for ”Bands & Breakfast” ten years from now?

That ”Bands & Breakfast” is definitely supported by everyone more. Especially when it comes to donations and patronage, because the plans are very large, but quite feasible, if enough people and companies support us. In addition to a hotel-like guesthouse I want to use for bands, a recording studio and rehearsal room in a tree house, a private open-air area, the organizer and bands cost-effective, spa, and more step by step. That something may take years and anything but easy to realize, I am well aware. But if every single one realistically ponders: Even companies like Microsoft, Xbox and co have not become overnight what they are today. And in the end we do not do it for ourselves, but for the entire music business.

Thank you very much for taking time in answering these questions! All the best!I

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Ni som vill stödja projektet ekonomiskt gör det via paypal: paypal.me/bandsandbreakfast 

Peter ”Amber St. Pete” Johansson