Khymera har lyst upp AOR himlen med fantastiska låtar som ”A Night To
Remember” och ”Who´s Foolin´ Who” från senaste albumet ”The Grand Design”. Den 6 mars släpper de det nya album ”Master Of Illusions” och trots att Dennis Ward är fullt upptagen med både skivsläpp och andra engagemang lyckades jag ställa några frågor till honom inför skivsläppet!

Hi Dennis!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us before the release of the new Khymera album!

Dennis: My pleasure 😊

P: The album Is to be released March 6th, what goes through your head before a release like this one?

Dennis: Not much really, I´m usually distracted by many other obligations so I´m just happy that it´s coming out.

P: What can we expect from Master Of Illusions when we turn it up on the 6th? Any surprises?

Dennis: This time I´ve had Pete Newdeck play the drums. He only did backing vocals on the last album. Since Felix was very busy with touring I asked Pete and it´s a pleasure to have him onboard.
We´ve kept the whole album on a classic AOR kind of vibe with a bit more modern influence, other that that it´s pretty straight forward.

P: Listening to the single, Walk Away, your voice is really killer! Does it feel good to be back behind the mic again?

Dennis: Thank you, and I´ve never left the microphone 😊 I´m always recording things and only a couple of years ago I sang on Gus G´s solo album.

P: It´s been 4 years since the release of The Grand Design. Whats been going on during those years?

Dennis: Lot´s of studio work, touring with Gus G and that´s about it!

P: I know a lot of our readers are very interested in the process surrounding the recording and production of an album. Maybe you could, quickly walk us through what a day in the studio is like with Khymera?

Dennis: Well, I guess it´s not really interesting really. I wake up, have a coffee, go into my studio and start recording things 😊. Being the kind of project that it is most of the guitars were recorded by Michael Klein in his private studio and the keys were all recorded at Eric Rango´s private studio and so were the drums recorded at Pete Newdecks private studio. When I work I bounce around a lot between vocal recording, bass recording, overdubs, mixing, whatever. I have no routine.

 P: We all know you from bands like Magnum, Pink Cream, Unisonic and of Course Khymera. Looking back at your career as both musician and producer is there anything you would have done differently?

Dennis: No, not a thing. I´m greatful for what I have and it´s been a pleasant journey. I believe anything I´ve done in the past, pro or contra, has brought me to where I am therefor there is no reason to dwell on what was or what would have been. It´s pointless really.

P: Finally, is there anything you would like to tell any aspiring Rockstar reading this interview?

Dennis: If you want to do it, then do it.

I know you are probably very busy due to the release so Thank You once again for taking the time to answer our questions! I´m really looking forward to the album!

Jag får känslan av att det kommande albumet kommer överraska oss genom att ha mer att bjuda på än de tidigare släppen. Med tanke på hur bra de varit sitter jag på nålar och väntar på att få lyssna på det. Det kommer en recension av albumet inom kort så håll ögonen öppna!

/P ”The Poser” Pousár