Intervju med högaktuella Luna Kills!

Finska rockbandet Luna Kills gör en Re release på sitt debutalbum Before The Sattelites imorgon genom King2Music Records. Vi passade på att ta tempen på bandet inför släppet!

Hey Guys!

Do you have winter in Finland?

Yeah, but it’s actually quite warm now, it’s raining. It’s weird! But I think were going to get the cold temperatures soon!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the band!

Well I’m Lotta and I’m the vocalist!

And I’m Samuli and I play guitar!

And we are a Finnish rock band and we were formed in 2015 under a different name we were Tocornal for the longest time and last summer we changed the name and now its easier to people because Tocornal is a bit different. So, in a nutshell, we play rock!

That’s awesome! Who are the other members in the band?

Our bass player Lassi Peltonen joined in 2017. We have had like little line-up changes like every year. And Maiju Mäki on drums, she came in last January.

Well since you both were there from the beginning do you have the leading rolls in the band?

No not really. Were all as equals in this band. Yeah, in the band we do the songs together and everybody has their own say about things, so we are not like “We want to do this, and you have to follow!” Hahaha! Its like a four people marriage! You have to take care of the relationship. Us two are very opinionated but there has to be a middle ground and Lassi and Maiju soften our personalities.

You’ve signed with King2Music Records, how does that feel?

It feels great! We released the debut all by ourselves last year and its great to have a label backing us now and to do the rerelease. It’s great because we get to be released by a label and now its worldwide which is a big deal! And signing with Kingart Music Management is great to! Because in Finland we tend to be in a Finnish bubble, everything revolves around Finland. Its difficult to do English music here so it was a big break that we got some attention in Sweden! From our point of view, because were finns, in Sweden there is more rock. In Finland there is metal and not as much rock. Now that the release is worldwide, we can get to places we couldn’t reach by ourselves.

Well now that you get to reach the world what is the dream?  

To go as big as possible of course!! And to get to tour everywhere! Everything is the dream. To create the music, to release the music and to get to play it for the people because that’s what we enjoy. The live concerts are what we enjoy the most, to play to the fans and get in touch with the audience.

But you’ve toured quite a bit already?

Yeah! We have done many gigs! Mostly in Finland but we did two small tours in Russia, in the southern Karelian part of Russia, but mostly in Finland and we’ve done about a hundred gigs and they vary from smaller clubs to festivals here in Finland. Everything goes! We just love to perform!

Do you have any favourite gig so far?

Yeah. The latest gig under the new name and line-up and we were together as a unit, we had so much fun and it was in our hometown. It was nice to see all the support from our fan base; a hometown gig is always a hometown gig.

Sometimes its hard to make it in your own hometown.   

Yeah, in Finland the competition is so hard. There are so many bands and so few places to perform in. In Finland we have the most bands in the world per capita, hahaha. And it’s a bit of Finnish culture that you envy your neighbour.

What inspired you to get into music, did you know from the start that music is what you want to do?

Samuli: Not always but when I performed for the first time was the moment for me. This is cool, this is what I want to do! After that its been music, music, music and nothing else!

Lotta: My parents told me that I Sang before I could speak! So, I have to say that music has been my life always! But this is my first band and I realized that we are actually a good band and were having fun and we learn about the industry as we go. It has become a way of life!

I heard that you are writing new material to record in 2020!

Yes! We have a lot of songs on demo level and we are really excited about them! We can’t really tell what tracks will be on the album but it’s a bit heavier. And a little bit softer in a way to. Were doing what we know best, a bit of everything.

Are you planning on touring in 2020?

We definitely want to. Were working on it and obviously its what we love to do so were trying to get as many gigs as possible.

Do you feel that social media and streaming has helped you to reach out in the world?

Yeah defiantly! But streaming is both good and bad. It helps bands to get noticed but the pay is, not so good. But as a tool to get to people it’s great and the playlists on Spotify are great. People find a lot of new music through them, discover weekly and lists like that.

If you go back to when you were kids, who was your first real idol?

Samuli: Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy! I know he’s a bass player and I started as a bass player because of him. He was a big hero for me.

Lotta: Curt Kobain. He was my first idol ever.

So, if you were free to choose, what would be the dream venue and who would be your supporting band?

There is only one right answer here! Wembley! And support?! Wow… If we say Muse, is that insulting? Maybe we can perform with a special guest? Or if we got to support Muse. That would be a dream.

Thank you so much for taking time to talk to me! I look forward to hearing the new music and hope to see you in Sweden soon!

Håll ögon och öron öppna så ni inte missar något från det här grymma Rock bandet från våra grannar i öst!

/P ”The Poser” Pousár

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