Ny intervju med Chez Kane

Sydwalesiska sirenen Chez Kane tycks varit född i fel årtionde! Grungen kom, såg och segrade. Den melodiska hårdrocken fick sig se sig övermannad, nedslagen och styckmördad av denna otyglade genre. Det hindrade dock inte Chez från att dyrka det som varit.

Hon hennes två syskon Stacey och Stephany bildade med fyra killar bandet Kane´d. De har funnits sedan 2009 och släppt två album, varav deras senaste Show me your skeletons från 2018. Att genrebestämma dem är inte det enklaste, men modernrock låter väl som ett bra epitet, lite typ Halestorm?

Danny Rexon från Crazy Lixx gläntade på den rosafluffiga 80-tals-dörren, medan Frontiers öppnade den på vid gavel. Danny fick förtroendet att inte bara producera hennes solodebut, utan också skriva låtarna och texterna.

Huvudtanken bakom konceptet var att blidka de fans som fortfarande suktade efter artister som Lee Aaron, Romeos Daughter, Lita Ford, Joan Jett, Robin Beck, Vixen, Red Siren, Fiona, Witness, Saraya, Chrissy Steele och Pat Benetar. De med lite högre hårfäste skulle helt enkelt bli serverade en uppdaterad version av dessa kvinnliga 80-tals ikoners radiorock.

Det ska tilläggas att det faktiskt existerar ny aor/melodisk hårdrock på fel sida av 2000-talet med kvinnliga frontfigurer som Issa, Martina Edoff, Sharon den Adel (WithinTemptation), Orianthi, Charlotte Wessels (Delain), Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless), Angelina Rylin (The Murder of my sweet), Jessica Wolff, Tåve Wanning (Adrenaline Rush), Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), Anette Olzon (The Dark Element), Nina Söderquist (Heartwind), Melanie Stahlkopf (She Bites), Amanda Sommerville, Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) för att nämna några.

Utifrån att Danny Rexon indirekt gjort allt på förstlingsverk, förutom att sjunga, så bär musiken dennes bands signum, fast med lite färre aggressive gitarrer, men med mera keyboards. Allt detta lät ju superintressant så jag ringde upp henne i syfte att skapa mig en mer enhetlig bild av Chez.

Did you catch any ice bears when you visited Sweden for shooting the video ”Too late for love”?

Chez: Not many actually:))

We shall absolutely not mention corona, but has it been a problem for you and Danny’s process to doing this album?

Chez: Yes definitely, it got away a little bit because I suppose to go to Sweden to create the album actually with Danny in his studio. And obviously corona hit, so I could not get over there but I was fortune to to it at home there I have a little studio. It was a little bit stressful, but we manage it.

How did your band Kane´d respond with the news with your soloalbum?

Chez: They been very supported. The good thing with Kane´d it´s that we are seven of us. We understand if we want go off and do other projects and stuff. The other two singers are my sisters. We are always working very close together, so very good response from Kane´d.

How does it feel to be mentioned with icons as Lee Aaron, Lita Ford, Robin Beck, Vixen, Witness, Saraya and Chrissy Steele? If you must choose just two of them, whats your choices?

Chez: Absolute mindblowing! I can´t still believe it because obviously I growing up listening to these bands. Some of them I haven´t heard before Danny introduces them for me, and they were mindblowing. It´s crazy and quite surreal! Vixen and Lee Aaron are they I listen to at the moment.

For me, your voice fits the album like a glove, it´s a killer on the loose, and i really mean fits like glove. Are you fully understand what´s gonna happens with you after the 12 of March? Whats your expectations?

Chez: I never except anything, so what happen happens. Well obviously is very daunting when you do your first album because you never know how it´s gonna be received, and to be honest it been received very very well so far and I´m actually overwhelmed by the response. Obviously I would love to get out on tour, but corona is in the way. But I´m absolute over the moon and Danny is also very happy.

How is the climate for aor and melodic rock in Britain?

Chez: I feel it getting back a little stronger because it has been backbone for a while. I´m hoping that I´m gonna help a little bit with that as well! I am a big fan of Def Leppard, I have seen FM, and they are absolute amazing.

Are you a genuine Swansea fan, or are football not your cup of tea?

Chez: I´m not a huge fan of football, I´m more of a rugby girl.

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Rob McElhenney (It’s always sunny in Philadelphia) bought Welsh club Wrexham AFC, what do you think about that, even if you´re not footballfan?

Chez: It´s awesome and very cool, even if I don´t follow the sport.

Which do you prefer, a physical copies like CDs/vinyls/cassettes, or digital downloads?

Chez: I prefer CDs, but I like to have booth. So if I´m going out running then it´s easier to listen to Spotify. But I still like to buy the album because I know I support the band and it´s also cool to have the physical album as well.

I adore rather unknown bands as Normandie, Geminie Syndrome, A jokers rage, Boston Manor, Don Branco, The dirty Youth (Welch). Can you recommend some bands you think everybody should know about, but don´t, yet?

Chez: Gin Annie are quite cool, Midnite City and Beth Blade and the beautiful disaster are great!.

If you could be a part of any band except Kane´d, who would it be and why?

Chez: Straight away I just gonna say Vixen because they badass, they are really cool, they got amazing music and they seems to have a lots of fun.

Can you speak Welsh?

Chez: I can´t and it really bad.

Which are your top TV-shows and Best British comedy ever?

Chez: Friends of course, then Modern Family I quite lika at the moment and Stranger things. I also like to watch comedy as The office, and the american version as well.

I know you put out som serious covers at your Youtube channel. Danny Rexon discovered you in one of them – “Edge of a broken heart” by Vixen, and then contacted you. Which one it´s the next you gonna uncover?

Chez: I don´t know yet. Wherever song I hear someday could be the next one, so I just do it. But at the moment it´s very hectic with new album so I had not had the time. But it´s gonna be more of them in the future.

Good luck with all that, is their anything you want to say before we close this nice chat?

Ches: I just want to say thanks you to everybody. You guys have been absolutely awesome and supporting in the social media – mind-blowing actually. I hope everybody love the album as much as Daniel and I do. And stay safe everybody because time is all we have at the moment.

By Mats Widholm

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