Announcement – King2Music Records – New Label with a Big Vision!

Senior record label professionals are starting up a new record label – King2Music Records.  

We ask the founder and CEO Michael why we need another record label and what is unique with this new label?

Michael tells us “First of all the bases for this decision comes from that all of us who wanted to start a new label are musicians and we all have an understanding of what type of needs an emerging artist may have and what type of label we would like to be signed by. And we as musicians have during a longer time seen a need from the bands to get a same kind of full support package that the bigger labels are providing; distribution, publishing, marketing, booking and management – all under the same company umbrella. Our goal is to stream-line and have an efficient support team backing up all our signed artists, even if they are a smaller up-coming artist.”

We notice that the name has similarities with Kingart Music Management, what will your co-operation look like?

Heidi (CEO Kingart Music Management) says “We will support with A&R for the Rock and Metal artists, as well as providing management, marketing and booking services for the artists. In this way, we will work together to ensure that our artists grow in a positive direction. We will also continue to be two separate companies and have independence to work with other labels and bands outside of the King2Music Records and Kingart Music Management relation. We have the same vision, which is to support the artists growth and give the bands a opportunities and services from a bigger support team”.

King2Music Records have also entered partnership with Border Music, Nox Studios, Propagande and Legend Beats.

Now that you have these co-operations, will you only work with Rock and Metal, and only with Swedish artists?

Michael: Our biggest artist base is Rock & Metal, but we will also support other genres as pop, RnB etc. We have already some Swedish artists that we work with and are open for global bands.  All genres are welcome to our label.

Can you give your reason why an artist should be signed by King2Music Records?

Michael: I can give you a million reasons! But I will settle with one. You will be taken care of. Heidi? “Michael said it best.”   Who are the people behind the King2Music Records, tell us more about the team?

King2Music Records is lead by Michael Storck, CEO, Marcus Rubin, Niklas Bergström, Pelle Broberg, Daniel Dukic, Anders Nilsson, Kevin Dee Dunn and Heidi Holm.

Make sure to keep your eyes open, we will do great things and are already on our way.

Michael Storck

CEO King2Music Records

Heidi Holm

CEO Kingart Music Management

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