Jimmy Van Zeno – a lifelong musician and award-winning music industry veteran whose eponymous project emerged out of a series of experimental demos he’d written. Throughout more than 30 years as both a band member with groups like Sonic Circus & Dead Star Renegade as well as a host of The Hard Rock Show, an institution in the Australian music media scene, an original concept for a rock band had been marinating in Jimmy’s head, but it was only in 2022 that it felt right to bring it to life.

Wanting to refine the concept a bit more before its grand debut, Jimmy teamed up with Rusty Brown, frontman of internationally renowned Melbourne rock legends Electric Mary, to further hone his skills as a songwriter and distill his raw ideas into something more polished. The collaboration flourished, and Jimmy quickly found the perfect balance of classic rock and hard rock to create the signature sound he’d always envisioned. Things have moved at lightning speed since then, with Trouble being released and 4 more songs slated for release before the end of 2023 — much to the delight of his growing and diverse fanbase.

Review and music video coming up on The Maloik Rock Blog next week.