Breaking News! Corona viruset stoppar fysisk lansering av nya albumet ”Of Man And Machine” från Chugger. Endast digital lansering den 24 april.

Hey Chuggers!

We have some good and some bad news…

Unfortunately, with the state of things in the world and in Italy specifically, our (and many other artists) CDs are stuck in a warehouse and won’t reach the stores in time for April 24.

However, before things got too bad, we got a few boxes shipped to us for the release gig. And so far the Swedish Post is still shipping to most countries, although shipping might take longer than usual.

So, together with Wormholedeath we’ve agreed to proceed with the digital release as planned, but the physical release will be postponed until further notice. EXCEPT for purchases directly through us, for as long as the Swedish Post keeps working!

If there ever was a chance to own an album before it’s released in stores and support a band in a big way, this is it. We have a limited number of copies, and who knows how long we can keep shipping, so ORDER TODAY!

Get your copy at , and thank you for your support! Super important in times like these! 🤘