Breaking News! Third single set to be released from East Temple Avenue February 28th.

A new band is hitting the melodic rock/AOR scene! East Temple Avenue is the new brain child from the man behind The Darren Phillips Project! This time forming a band with the same core band members and songwriters for an entire album and eventual tour!

Third single is called ”Everything”.
Lyrics: Dan Skeed & Darren Phillips
Music: East Temple Avenue

Lead vocals: Robert LaBlanc
Lead guitar: Philip Lindstrand
Bass: Dennis Butabi Borg
Keys and lead Rhythm: Daniel Skeed
Rhythm guitar: Darren Phillips
Drums: Herman Furin
BV’s: Darren & Dan
Additional keys: Thomas & Zoe Phillips

Highest quality of modern AOR with epic piano opening by Daniel Skeed. Solid lead electric guitar play by swedish Philip Lindstrand. For the AOR comunity he is well known as a person behind artist such as Jim Jidhed, Find Me, Nitrate among others and he was a part of MelodicRock Fest – Scandinavia All Star Band. Dennis Butabi Borg on bass, Herman Furin on drums and Darren Phillips on guitar delievering the rhytm section. And last but not least, on vocals Robert LaBlanc with that powerful voice that only the best in the business have the quality to deliever. Smooth but still razorsharp in the higher notes delievering the big chorus that will stick to your mind in only one listening. Darren Phillips and his bandmate Daniel Skeed sure knows how to write a modern classic inspired by the past but still up to date with the sound of 2020. You could listen for yourself this weekend when Steve Price will play the song for the first time on the air. Tune in ArFM and The Steve Price Rock Show and raise the volume up. Swedish listeners also get the chance to listening when Dist FM will be the first in Scandinavia to play the song on Sunday. Check out their official sites for more information.

Release date for the single: February 28th 2020

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