Candlemass, Easy Action, Thundermother & Scarlet klara för NOX ROCKS 2020!

NOX ROCKS on Solidtango, August 22, 2020 at 9 PM CET

With: Candlemass, Easy Action, Thundermother and Scarlet

New times call for new solutions. In a world starving for live music, Nox Rocks will give you the best rock event ever, live online at Solidtango.

This live streamed event isn’t just a concert, it’s a three hour long rock festival. YOU can support the music and the bands you love by logging on to Solidtango now.

Rock stars have bills too, and no income right now, so all funds will be shared equally between everyone involved in this show.

On stage:

Award winning metal legends CANDLEMASS.

Legendary EASY ACTION, featuring Tommy Nilsson on vocals and former Europe guitar player Kee Marcello.

THUNDERMOTHER, one of Sweden’s prime bands.

SCARLET, red hot and upcoming.

The show is hosted by Sweden’s most well known rock journalist Anders Tengner and tv-host Jovan Radomir. They will guide you through this interactive event, offer interviews with the bands, as well as forward your online chat questions to the stars.

Nox Rocks is a full production show with professional sound, lights and footage.

You don’t wanna miss this epic event on August 22 at 9 PM Central European Time, exclusively on Solidtango. Tune in, bang your head and support you local rockstar.


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