Cap Outrun signar med Frontiers Music srl.

Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to welcome Swedish rock band Cap Outrun to the label’s roster. Their label debut is slated for release in late 2021, with more details to follow in the coming weeks.

Cap Outrun formed in Sweden in 2007 when Andrée Theander and Erik Gafvelin Wiss met at a Swedish university for music production and started to make music together. The two youngsters wrote and recorded a lot of songs and with a little help from a bunch of friends, six of the songs ended up on the very first Cap Outrun release, ”Influence Grind” (2008). The music was somewhat complex with odd time signatures and unexpected song structures, but still contained memorable melodies and pop-flavored choruses. This perfect blend of rock, metal, and jazz made them fairly well-known within the underground world of prog rock lovers for a period of time. Andrée and Erik graduated from university and they decided to go their separate musical ways. Since then, they have stayed good friends, but were working on their own careers: Andrée as a session player, guitar teacher and with his own AOR/Westcoast project Theander Expression, while Erik started to build his own studio and mainly focus on producing and mixing records by other bands, like Creye, Cruzh, and Arctic Rain to name a few. Cap Outrun was essentially on hiatus after that self-released EP…until now!

”It feels great to work with Frontiers on this release and I’m anxious to hear what the label’s followers will say about it. Ever since Mr. Big, who’s one of my all time favorite bands, released their ”What If” record, I’ve been following the label’s awesome releases and I’m both impressed and grateful for what they’re doing for the rock music scene today. I’m thrilled about joining them with Cap Outrun and everybody in the band is very excited about this!” says guitarist Andrée Theander.

Although Erik continues with his studio work and he is still involved in Cap Outrun, he has decided to take a step back as the main keyboardist and that spot has been given to the very talented session player André Egbo. Vocalist Chandler Mogel (Double Vision, Outloud), bassist Linus ”Mr. Gul” Abrahamson (Andromeda, Constanica), and drummer Johan Ludvig Rask round out the line-up.

The writing and production process for the upcoming album, ”High On Deception” has been a very successful collaboration between Andrée and Erik. Musical influences are everything from Swedish progressive rock bands Kaipa and Karmakanic to legendary American bands like Toto and Boston. Some of Andrée’s and Erik’s friends have even mentioned Dirty Loops when they’ve dropped around Erik’s studio in Stockholm while the album was still in the making. [Who knows, maybe it could have something to do with bass player Linus’ close collaboration with the Dirty Loops members Henrik Linder and Aron Mellergård for their newly released bass and drum transcription books?] ”High on Deception” is a distinctive record filled with playful odd time signatures and interesting harmonies, but it never loses its core of strong melodies and an exceptional groove.

Stay tuned for more news soon!

Cap Outrun:
Chandler Mogel – Lead vocals
Andrée Theander – Guitars and backing vocals
Johan Ludvig Rask – Drums and percussion
Linus Abrahamson – Bass
André Egbo – Keyboards

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