Cats In Space bjuder på en uppdatering från studion. Avslöjar namnet på nästa album.

Hi everyone, lots of doom and gloom going down, and whilst there is uncertainty about live stuff and all that goes with it (please be safe, be sensible, look out for your nearest and dearest and not hog the bog rolls) the Cats just want to brighten your day a little with some news of what they are up to…
They too are in lock down, but in spectacular fashion recording the new album.
Yes it will be called ATLANTIS, yes it is going to be another epic release, and yes, once more it will surprise you all.

The first full album featuring the wonderful Mark Pascal, they have been beavering away with engineer ’Lord Pointy Hat’ Ian Caple and Catman Greg Hart in the producers trousers cooking up a storm and some.

We heard a sneaky peek of something this week and it was bloody epic. Unlike anything they have recorded before in fact.

Anyone who thinks Cats don’t rock, you might just need to get yourself ready and invest in some very sturdy undergarments….cos what we heard was awesome….and LOUD!

Hope this cheers you all up…have a great weekend
Cat Studio mole- CiS

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