Cats In Space släpper julsingel och album.

Yes, Cat fans we are releasing a Christmas song, and it is one to put a warm glow and furry, fuzzy feeling inside each and every one of us this Yuletide.
“My Kind Of Christmas” is one of those classic ‘kitchen sink productions’ that was the tradition back in the glory days of the 70s festive season, however, has not been heard since. Until this very December 1st…..

The single will be released in several formats:
7” DOUBLE PACK VINYL inside a LIMITED EDITION ‘CAT-MAS TIN’ which contains a whole host of exclusive items.

Each format contains exclusive BRAND NEW B-Sides too.

There will also be a ‘Christmas CD album’ containing all the songs on the vinyls plus a further two exclusive songs for CD only.
All ready for you on December 1st.
But wait! there is still much more…..!!

Over in the webstore there will also be a whole host of Christmas merchandise, including limited promo items, Test pressings, Advent calendars, patches, badges, tee shirts and other cool items.

It is the biggest launch we have ever done, and you can start to pre-order your items from:

*** FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th at 6pm ***

Set your clocks Cat fans, Christmas has taken over the Spaceship!

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