Champlin Williams Friestedt inks an exclusive deal with Black Lodge Records

Black Lodge Records are immensely proud to present the signing of Champlin Williams Friestedt for a new milestone release in AOR. This follows on the heels of the success with “CWF” and the “Live In Concert” DVD that made it all the way to the top of the Swedish charts.

Champlin Williams Friestedt consists of renowned TOTO singer Joseph Williams, composer of film and drama scores and can also be heard in Disney’s animated feature film “The Lion King” as the singing voice of adult Simba.
Teaming up with none other than Bill Champlin formerly of the legendary band Chicago and critically acclaimed guitarist, producer and recording artist Peter Friestedt, the album “II” also includes contributions from vocalist, Michael McDonald, drummer John JR Robinson (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones), Randy Goodrum (Toto, Chicago), Tamara Champlin and Polar price 2020 winner Diane Warren among many others.

With the TOTO haunting “10 Miles” to the CHICAGO sounding ballad “Between The Lines” and the soulflavoured “Love In The World” to the straight forward rock track “Runaway Dancer” this album really takes you on a Journey:

The album was recorded at Goldmine Studios & Friestedt Productions Studio and produced by Peter Friestedt, Bill Champlin and Joseph Williams.

“II” will be released 15 May 2020 on both digital and physical formats.

●Champlin Williams Friestedt / II ●

Bill Champlin (Lead and Background Vocals, Keybaords, Piano, Organ)
Joseph Williams (Lead and background Vocals)
Peter Friestedt (All Electric and Acoustic Guitars)

Special Guests:
Tamara Champlin (Lead Vocals on #9, Background Vocals on #3)
Michael McDonald (Lead vocals on #3)
Amy McDonald (Background Vocals on #3)
Randy Goodrum (Piano on #10)
John JR Robinson (Drums on #4)
Frank Ådahl (Lead and Background Vocals on #4)
George Hawkins Jr (Bass on #9)
Lars Säfsund (Lead and Background Vocals on #1)
Bill Cantos (Keyboards & Bass on #10)

  1. Runaway Dancer
  2. 10 Miles
  3. Love in the World
  4. Amandas Disguise
  5. Between the Lines
  6. Look Away
  7. All That I Want (Remix 2020)
  8. Restless Love
  9. Price of Love
  10. Sometimes You Win
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