COPENHELL’s new identity for the 2023 festival was created in a black and unholy cooperation between the comic artist John Kenn Mortensen, the sound designer Peter Albrechtsen and the musician Manuel Gagneux from the band Zeal & Ardor.

A long time before heavy metal, devil horns and battle vests became a thing, the Fleischer Brothers animation studio showed dangerous movies flirting with the occult in theatres back and created a long range of iconic cartoon characters in the 1930s. This is the inspiration for COPENHELL’s new identity, which twists the classic cartoon universe into a much darker style.

“I fell in love with the idea when COPENHELL presented it for me,” says John Kenn Mortensen who created the visuals for the movie. Sometimes the best ideas come from other people. Mixing metal music with oldschool Fleischer cartoons and a bit of hell almost just makes itself. The film played out in my head instantly, I just put some Dante’s Inferno and a bit of medieval torture in there. The best thing about it was Manuel’s insane music, it was absolute perfection.”

It was also an exciting project for Peter Albrechtsen, who designed the sound effects: “This was such an amazing project to be part of. I’ve always loved animation and always loved metal so this was the perfect match,” he says. “There are a lot of fun and crazy sounds in the film, all the way from a squeezed mandarin to a stretched scream of an African eagle. Turn it up loud!” The video can be seen here: 

The video can be seen here: