DEFEAT releases a new single: Play This (on your radio)

If you are looking for something new and fresh, DEFEAT is what you need! This hard-rock trio leaves no one cold and is building up reputation as a must-see live act! The band is searching for record label/publisher and promoters to help spread DEFEAT to the world. First single Play This (On Your Radio) from the up-coming promotional EP is released 4th of June, check it out!

About the band

DEFEAT is an energetic trio with its unique sound, originating from the heart of Finland. The band was started somewhere in 2015 and found its contemporary line-up in 2017. The music itself is a mix of at least punk rock and hard rock with a hint of metal and touch of old-school guitar riffs and whatever suits the band. The idea behind the band is simple: kick-ass songs, sweaty live shows and good spirit floating around both the band and audience. Always.

Life isn’t a joyride all the time but so what – it can’t DEFEAT us!

Jens – Vocals & guitar 

Leewi – Bass

Mikko – Drums