DegreeD hjälper Wildness!

Idag avslöjade Wildness via sin facebook sida att DegreeD sångaren Robin Eriksson kommer ersätta Gabriel Lindmark på Bryggarsalen 19 oktober i samband med Captain Black Beards tioårsjubileum. Wildness skriver följande:

A lot of you have been wondering about our upcoming gig in Stockholm, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll bring none other that our long time friend Robin Eriksson from the mighty degreed to help us out on lead vocals for this particular gig!

See you guys at Bryggarsalen Odenplan in Stockholm on the 19th of October, together with our friends from Weapon-UK, OSUKARU, The Grand Masquerade and of course the main act of the evening Captain Black Beard

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Wildness booking:

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