DYNAZTY to release new album FINAL ADVENT on the 8th of April 2022.
Pre-order launch and 2nd single POWER OF WILL – out on friday December 3rd.

After the success of their 2020 album THE DARK DELIGHT, streamed over 25 million times and charting high in countries all over Europe such as Germany and Switzerland, peaking at #2 in home country Sweden and at #3 on neighbor’s Finland’s physical album charts.

Swedish melodic metal band DYNAZTY now returns with a new album titled FINAL ADVENT, slated for release on April 8th 2022.

Singer Nils Molin says about the album:
”When the Covid-pandemic stopped us from touring on THE DARK DELIGHT, we decided to shift our focus and instead set out to make the most cohesive and definitive album and version of ourselves yet.
Game plan: No filler, all killer.
And in my opinion we hit home and knocked it out of the park with this one.
It’s our most intense album thus far and is without doubt carrying some of the strongest songs we’ve ever written.
And to top things off, the performances from the whole band is next level.
Couldn’t be happier about the work done!
FINAL ADVENT is the ultimate form, the ultimate version of DYNAZTY.

FINAL ADVENT tracklist:

  1. Power Of Will
  2. Advent
  3. Natural Born Killer
  4. Yours
  5. All The Devils Are Here
  6. The White
  7. Instinct
  8. Heart Of Darkness
  9. Achilles Heel
  10. Power Of Now

Having already shown off an agressive snapshot of the new album in first single release – ADVENT, things will kick into gear even further with second single/musicvideo – POWER OF WILL.

Nils explains the concept behind the 2nd single:
”POWER OF WILL was one of the first songs we wrote for the album and one that set an immediate mark on the writing of it.
Inspired by the sheer force of human conviction and humanity’s both individual and collective strength to endure or overcome any obstacle and struggle through tenacity and sheer willpower, the song is meant to be a source to draw power from in difficult times.”

Pre-save the single HERE:

FINAL ADVENT is produced by Dynazty.
Recorded by Dynazty in Stockholm, Sweden and by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, Denmark.
Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen.

Cover art by: Gustavo Sazes
Photo by: Mats Vassfjord