Frontback to release ”Don’t Mind The Noice” on vinyl with two extra live songs!

VINYL RELEASE! Frontback (Official)
Woho, exciting news! Pre-order “Don’t Mind The Noise” on LP, including 2 exclusive live tracks from Sweden Rock Festival 2018!

Black Vinyl (Release 25/9):


Gold Vinyl (Release 26/9 at Record Store Day):

  • Limited through Frontback or physical shops from Record Store Day and onward.

Signed Vinyl:

  • Contact Frontback for special order.

We’ve been working hard to get this possible and thought this was a great way to have something new happening during this harder times.

★ NEW LIVE VIDEO! ★ Celebrating the release of the vinyl with 2 exclusive live songs from Sweden Rock! Listen, watch or order it here!

Thank you for supporting us as always! ❤