Grand Design byter gitarrist. Janne Stark ut, Dan Svanbom in.

Official statement from Janne Stark:

Friends and fans of Grand Design:
After long and hard considerations and negtiations with myself, I’ve finally decided to leave Grand Design. It was actually two months ago I told the guys, but I said I would stay on and do the last couple of shows with the grand finale at the Brientzersee Festival in Switzerland this weekend.
First let me say, I’ve had such a great time in the band, love the guys, and I’m proud of the records we have made together, fantastic fans, and lots of fun and cool memories. But, I felt it was time for me to do something else musically (plus our geographical difference is a bit of a hassle). I’m sure my friends in Grand Design will find a great replacement (there may already be someone in the wings) who will help keep the band rawking! I wish them all the best and I will miss all the fun times we’ve had!
What will I do then? Well, we’re working on a new Constancia album, I’m finishing up the Budgie tribute, debut single and lots of gigs with Falling Hazard, new Merryweather Stark, Mountain of Power Vol 4, farewell shows with Overdrive next year, working on layout for Ozzie’s book on Pretty Maids and my own History of Swedish Hard Rock, so I will definitely be busy. Hope to see you out there!
Janne Stark

Inlägg i dag från Grand Design:

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