The band’s classic album comes as remixed & remastered new edition, incl. bonus material!

Right in time for its 10th anniversary, German power metal force IRON SAVIOR surprises the fans with a special edition of their classic album „The Landing“. This new „10th Anniversary Edition“ not only includes 3 bonus tracks but was also remixed and remastered by Piet Sielck himself and comes with a revised artwork by Felipe Machado Franco.

„The Landing“ became one of the most successful albums of the Hamburg-based band and was heralding a kind of resurgence for IRON SAVIOR back then. It contains several classic tracks such as „Starlight“, „Hall Of The Heroes“ and – of course – the metal hymn par excellence, „Heavy Metal Never Dies“ – a song which was streamed way more than 10.000.000 times until this day.

„The Landing 10th Anniversary Edition“ will be released on November 19th (CD and ltd. 2-Vinyl). 


01. Descending (Intro)
02. The Savior
03. Starlight
04. March Of Doom
05. Heavy Metal Never Dies
06. Moment In Time
07. Hall Of The Heroes
08. R. U. Ready
09. Faster Than All
10. Before The Pain
11. No Guts No Glory
12. Coming Home (re-recorded)
13. Atlantis Falling (re-recorded)
14. Underneath The Radar (Bonus Track)