Jane Gould signs full management deal with Blindfoldead International!

Photo by: Dave Donnelly

Super singer Jane Gould made herself a name as the charismatic lead vocalist of British rock band Iconic Eye for a number of years, constantly touring their 2nd album ”Into the Lights” in UK and beyond.

2019 saw her departing Iconic Eye to persue her own career and after penning down a few ideas with Swedish multi-instrumentalist and producer Oz ”Osukaru” Petersson (OSUKARU), the new path was clear.

”I really admire Oz as a songwriter and a visionaire. As I am a big fan of Osukaru and even had the honour to perform with them in 2018, it was given to have him being an equal part of this new chapter” says Jane.

The two started to work on a Jane Gould studio album when it stood pretty clear they wanted this to be more than a one-off project.

”Oz proposed a full management deal with his company Blindfoldead International of which he runs with his lovely wife Adrienne. I love the unique concept, the companionship and again; the visionaire in Oz so of course I accepted the offer.”

Photo by Oz Petersson, Blindfoldead International MGMT

Oz chimes in: ”Iconic Eye was immediately put on my radar when Jane became their singer. That voice and a stage presence not of this world made her a solid hook on my mind. Last year we started to write some songs together for her first solo album and after a talk with my wife we just had to snatch her up before someone else would as It wasn’t a matter of if, but when.”

Jane Gould’s debut album is expected to land later this year!

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