John Parr släpper 32 år gammal singel.

John Parr relese the soundtrack song from ”Three Men And A Baby” 32 years after it’s original release.
Finaly after 32 years the song ”The Minute I Saw You” is finaly available on digital platforms.
Hear it on Spotify & Tidal, Download it on iTunes & Amazon and see it on YouTube.

”The Minute I Saw You’ was originally written for the opening montage of the bachelor lifestyle of our three men…Tom Sellek, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg and the ever revolving door of lady friends entering and leaving their hectic bachelor pad.
All was set until director Leonard Nimmoy (Mr Spock of Star Trek) neglected to tell us that he had already agreed to use the
Miami Sound Machine track ‘Bad Boy’ for that sequence long before our track was even written. Luckily ‘The Minute I Saw You’ still became the title track of Three Men & A Baby. Now some 32 years later the track will be Officially released on Friday 9th August!”






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Källa: Johan Dr.AOR” Nylén

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