Kenneth Steen Jacobsen lämnar och Phil Butler tar över sången i Pectora.


Today, we announce that our vocalist Kenneth Steen Jacobsen is no longer a part of Pectora.

We want to thank Kenneth for many great experiences over the years and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Pectora continues. New music in the making 👊


We are happy to announce that Phil Butler will join Pectora as our new lead singer. Phil is very experienced, both as a frontman and instrumentalist, and we can’t wait to start writing songs welcoming his input. Phil has a background within speed- and black metal as frontman in Encyrcle and Cruelty’s Heart. Now, his energy will be put into creating powerful heavy metal for you guys! New music is already brewing. It’s epic!

📸 Jannie Ravn Madsen

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