First of all we would like to say that we are extremely proud to have been asked to be a part of Malmö Melodic 2024! Thank you so much we will do everything we can to make this a fantastic party all weekend long. Now over to todays presentation of the bands.

Malmö Melodic takes place at Plan B in Malmö, Sweden between 27 and 29 July next year. DO NOT MISS THIS! Today DistFM broadcasted MALMÖ MELODIC RELEASE SHOW and exclusively presented ALL bands and artists who will be playing at the festival. If you missed the show re-runs will be broadcasted again on Monday 10 September at 11:00-12:30 CET and Tuesday 11 September at 14:00-15:30 CET The show is presented by Andréas Ek och Micke Ek.

First band out is Perfect Plan!!!

Perfect Plan formed in Örnsköldsvik took the AOR community by storm back in 2018 when they released their debut album “All Rise”.
Now three albums, one EP and a Live CD later Malmo gets it’s first visit by Perfect Plan.
For those who were at Sweden Rock 2023 you know what you can expect, this is quality AOR with a dose of Europe, Signal & The Storm, prepare to be knocked.

Second band out is!!!

Houston the Band released their debute in 2010. After that it has been 6 more, 3 with own material, and 3 ”relaunches” were they do covers of their favourite artists, mostly the more unknown songs, mixed with a couple of new songs. Every record follow the same pattern, AOR with plenty of keyboards, backed up by singer Hank Erix great voice. The latest record were released earlier this year, and got great reviews. Don’t try to not sing along to their songs, cause You simply can’t resist. You can’t go wrong with Houston, welcome to Malmo.

GRAND – the band was formed in 2020 in the southern outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden. Vocalist Mattias Olofsson had always nurtured a dream of releasing his own AOR project one day. Working for almost two decades as a professional singer and songwriter, he kept experimenting with ideas and writing songs, just waiting for the right moment. In the fall of 2020, the stars finally aligned, when he came to know two fellow musicians who shared his passion for the AOR genre: guitarist and producer Jakob Svensson (Wigelius) and drummer Anton Martinez Matz. The trio joined forces soon after and Grand became a reality.
Third band is none other than GRAND – the band

Through a combination of old and new ideas, all with influences from their favorite bands such as Starship, Foreigner, Mr. Big, Giant, and the like, four songs were finalized that the band felt best represented who they wanted to be. They started to send the songs to different labels and in 2021, they signed with Frontiers Music Srl, the leading purveyor of quality melodic rock.

Nubian Rose featuring Sofia Lilja (Vocal coach of Swedish Idol) are the forth artist out, we are happy and proud having them over.
They present themself as ”Swedish Hard Rock with heavy riffs and outstanding melodies!” well you be the judge…

Yes, Chez Kane is coming to Malmo, and we can’t wait to have her over.

A talented, young vocalist who fronts, with her two sisters, the band Kane’d, Chez was first brought to the attention of the label after conversations with Danny Rexon of Crazy Lixx about the possibility of him scouting and producing some exciting new talent. Subsequently, Danny started working on some demos with Chez and the label did not pass up the opportunity to get involved with this incredible talent. Chez’s debut solo album embraced the melodic rock style that both she and Danny so admire, while adding a new twist to the current takes on the genre. ”Powerzone” takes that formula and makes it bigger, better, and bolder.

Chez’ star really rose, deservedly so, with the release of her self-titled debut album and with ”Powerzone”, she’s really ready to launch into orbit. Armed with an incredible voice, a downright charming personality, a talented backing band, and the guiding hand of producer Danny Rexon.

Remedy took the AOR community by storm last year, and it’s time for them to take the international audience by storm as well, say wecome to one of the brightest rising stars from Sweden the home of AOR!!!

No need to say more!!!

ALICATE will be representing Skåne at Malmö Melodic, we are as exited for this as they are =)

Boys From Heaven
These gentlemen are from the other side of the bridge, from Denmark. They releaesed their third record earlier this year and it’s really an phenomenal piece of work. Few bands use saxophone in the business today, but these guys have found their own style and mix it in, and created a fantastic mix of AOR with some westcoast touches. You will be suprised with these guys, if haven’t heard them before. A warm welcome to the Boys From Heaven, to us at Malmo Melodic.

Say Hello to Roulette – SWE and give them a warm welcome.

Melodic rock at it’s best!
Roulette was formed 1985 in Sundsvall, Sweden, and had during the second half of the 80’s a lot
going on with several single releases (including “Hearts Keep On Burning” with Tommy Nilsson
(Easy Action) on backing vocals), contract for an LP with CBS, and participated in most of them at
the time ”hot” television programs in Sweden such as Top Gear and Metropol. The record deal fell
apart and it took until 2008 before they released their first CD (”Better Late Than Never”), which was
a compilation CD with all previously released singles and unreleased songs. The CD sold out
immediately and was released again a few years later in a revised version.
In 2019 their ”real” debut album called ”Now!” was released and got a lot of attention around the
world, voted as one of the best melodic rock albums of the year.

Swedish Streetlight seemingly came from nowhere earlier this year, but was actually formed under the working name ”Watersky” a couple of years ago, later they changed their name to Streetlight. They wrote a song which reached the Journey-camp and singer Arnel Pineda, who liked the song.
The guys signed with Frontiers earlier this year and released their debute in august, the reviews has been incredible on every credible site and newspaper worth to mention. We agree of course, it’s a fantastic piece of work in the vein of Journey, Toto and Survivor, a melodic bliss.
As a new band, they haven’t yet played much live, which we suspect will change. Welcome to Malmo!

As far as we know this will be Transatlantic Radio’s first live gigg, so give these guys a warm welcome.
They have taken the AOR community by storm and we are happy to be the first to book these guys!!!

This will be , wait for it….


Yes, thes girls came out of nowhere and first they Rocked The Boat at Rocknytt Cruise and then did the same at Time To Rock Festival, now it’s Malmös turn to get a dose of Emotional Fire.
We can’t wait to have them over at Malmö Melodic!!!

Out of the ashes of -17- was [gaeleri] formed 30 years ago in Helsingborg.
This is for fans of Whitesnake, trust us when we say the singer has a HUGE voice that will grab you and shake you to the core.

This is JD Miller!!!

Since the start of JD Miller in 2011 when Peter Halldén and Tommy Timonen decided to make JD Millers first track ’Devils Vengeance’ things has evolved, a lot, to say the least. � Early in 2011 Emil Eriksson joined the outfit and by the release of ’Grand Intentions’ and especially ’World War X’ and ’Afterglow’ Emil had made his mark as the main writer for JD Miller together with Peter Halldén making JD Miller the ”Heaviest AOR around” as proclaimed by Sweden Rock Magazine.
The last two releases ´World War X´ and ’Afterglow’ gave JD Miller the opportunity to embark on two European tours together with The Poodles and SOTO (Jeff Scott Soto) as well as several festival spots such as Rock The Ring, Switzerland, Peace & Love Festival, Sweden and Berg Birwinken Open Air, Switzerland which JD Miller headlined in 2022. JD Miller has also opened for acts such as Amaranthe, Smash Into Pieces, Wig Wam and Gathering Of Kings.� From the Rock n’ roll of ’Devils Vengeance’ to ”The Heaviest AOR around” and general critical acclaim for their latest release ’Afterglow’, JD Miller is embarking on a new journey together with old and new friends in the line-up as they are releasing 3 singles in 2023 and a new album in 2024.
Previous member Tommy Timonen (ex. State Of Drama) returns to wield the guitar full time and Jonny Trobro (Hydra, ex. First Signal, ex. Find Me) will slap the bass around as a permanent member. With these assets in place JD Miller of 2023 are ready to move forward with a solid line- up for the first time in years. Also adding to the mix is the collaborations with Swedish songwriters Ulrick Lönnqvist (Kent Hilti, One Desire etc.) and Emil Gullhamn (Kaiak, State Of Drama) when creating new material.

Malmö Melodic is geting heavy!!! 😉

The Release show is now online at DistFM, and first band out is Perfect Plan!!!

First time EVER in Sweden, this is Romeo’s Daughter.
Not everyone starts their career with a debut album – released in 1988 – produced in collaboration with music industry heavyweights: ‘Mutt’ Lange and John Parr. Indeed, it was only a matter of time before Romeo’s Daughter hit the headlines! Hot on the heels of its success, their whirlwind tour of the US saw their single, ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ shoot up the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart.

Their dynamic and distinctive sound, described as brimming with “poise, pathos, memorable melodic hooks and inventive arrangements” has been consistently, and uniquely delivered over the years by: Leigh Matty (vocalist), Craig Joiner (guitarist, songwriter and producer) and Andy Wells (drums). With this line-up, Romeo’s Daughter has a pedigree, second to none; with each member having worked with the likes of: Whitney Houston, Tom Jones, Meatloaf, Jane Wiedlin, Bonnie Tyler, Roxette and John Parr.

Over the years, their infectious music: brimming with power, passion and sophistication – and fronted by Leigh Matty: recently voted in the top 5 ‘Lady Rock Singers of all time’ – has attracted the highest calibre of established artists; with Heart covering their single: ‘Wild Child’ on their 3 million sell-out album, ‘Brigade’ – achieving No. 2 on the Billboard Rock All Play chart; as well as Eddie Money, Bonnie Tyler, and the recently reformed Steps! ‘Heaven in the Backseat’ – also from their debut album – also featured as the opening track of the 1990 film: ‘Nightmare on Elm Street”.

You simply can’t have too many bands from Sweden, can You? There seems no end to the talent. Wildness debute came in 2017, 6 years later they have released two more and another one is in the making, rumour tells us. The 5-piece play guitar-driven AOR with an edge, with soaring vocals from Erik Forsberg. The band doesn’t play live much, and have never played in Malmo, so it’s our pleasure to welcome them to Malmö Melodic.

Well a festival in Sweden would not be perfect without Dare,
these guys need no intruduction due to the fact that they are favorites of the Swedish people.

Dare is an English rock band from Oldham, fronted by former Thin Lizzy keyboard player Darren Wharton. They formed in 1985 and have released ten albums to date, nine studio and one live.

We are so happy to have Dare back in Sweden, full plugged and ready to go!!!

“Kieran Dargan’s VIP pick!”.
YES, a bonus act that will only play for you Early Birders & VIP’s.
(And for you who are still in doubt, there is THREE more hours to secure a ”Early Bird”.)

But fear not, if you miss this chance you still have a chance on Monday when we release our regular VIP tickets to get this bonus act.

So here we go…

”Every now and again you come across a band that stands out from the crowd. Strong songs, particularly excellent musicianship that really grabs the listener. Whilst aware of the band since the debut back in 2017, it was the second album A new Dawn which really hit the spot. For many bands the challenge of recreating their studio sound live simply does not work, but it is in the live setting that AGE OF REFLECTION excels. Earning a rapturous reception at Indoor Summer , Hamburg in 2022 , their vocal ability in a live setting the subject of much discussion afterward, but their overall performance on the day elevating them to one of the most talked about bands of the weekend. I’m absolutely delighted to introduce to you Age of Reflection as my V.I.P. pick.i guarantee you will not be disappointed.”

So here is the hotel info you been waiting for.
The festival are using the wonderful hotel Quality Hotel The Mill in Malmö as their official hotel for Malmö Melodic. This hotel is located in the heart of Malmo and have easy access to the venue by buss (more info about that later).

Discount code now active between 26 -30, go to:

Choose “The Mill” as the hotel and pick dates between 26 – 30 use discount code “Malmo Melodic” and you will get a special discount.

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