Dags igen då att gå igenom inkorgen och presentera lite nya band. Vi börjar i gamla goa Göteborg med The Razed och vad de kallar ”Grungadelic Spacepunk”.


Inspirerande av band som Led Zeppelin, The Cult och Foo Fighters bland många hittar vi göteborgska The Razed. Vi bjuder på senaste videon: Taste The Ash.

Vi fortsätter till Brasilien och bandet Lyria.


The Brazilian band Lyria, has a history of connection with autism, having the drummer as a teacher of an autistic student, and now, with the clip ”The Rain”, which features lyrics and video inspired by the story of overcoming fan Warren Mayocchi , from Australia. The song talks about the isolation of those diagnosed as autistic, but also about the strength to overcome the obstacles of the disorder. ”The Rain” is Lyria’s third clip in the Immersion phase (2018), the video is preceded by ”Let Me Be Me” and ”Hard to Believe”.

Vi fortsätter till Grekland!

Project Renegade.

På Project Renegade is a four-member metal band from Athens, Greece, founded by Marianna (vocals) and Ody (drums). Project Renegade’s sound derives from an alternative, heavy and groove background blended with electronic and ambient elements. They released their debut EP ”Cerebra” in 2017 which was welcomed with high critical acclaim in a national and international level and with Nick K. (guitar) are currently in the process of releasing their first full-length album “Order of the Minus” out 31 October. Adding Jay (bass) to their line-up, the band is performing live in Greece and Europe.

Vi tar oss tillbaka till Sverige och Malmö!


no.six är ett Malmöband som släppt låtar i drygt två år. Vi bjuder här på senaste singeln ”Time”.


Över Atlanten till U.S.A åka vi nu.

Arcana Kings nya album kommer 15/10.


Johnny McCuaig – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bag Pipes Kevin Kyle – Back up Vocals, Bass Guitar Graham Templeman – Back up Vocals Drums James Picton – Back up Vocals, Lead Guitar Allan Morrison – Back up Vocals, Rhythm Guitar.

Energy, melody, distinctive hard rock and roll with bagpipes but Celtic they are not. They are a band with integrity, originality and willingness to push the envelope of creativity.

A 5 piece rock band that is fresh, heavy, and experimental.

Try to imagine a band that can seamlessly blend and twist almost every style of popular music together: Heavy rock mixed with a 70s groove; a chugging rock guitar interlaced with Scottish Bagpipes.

A hard rocking train with a melodic voice that pulls you in without choice.

Över till Danmark!

Redwolves från Köpenhamn.

The band formed in 2012 and found a musical community in their common affinity for the classic heavy rock and the 00’s new wave of Scandinavian rock. Their brand new album marks a noticeable further development of REDWOLVES’ expression which through the records’ eight songs unfolds itself in a songwriting carrying catchy melodies, energetic and virtuoso musicianship and a modern and analogue attentive production by Jacob Bredahl (Riverhead, LLNN, Rising a.o.).

The band describes their music as “modern classic heavy rock” or at other times “future rock”. Both terms appropriately describes how heavy Rock n’ Roll effortlessly can remain relevant, as long as the classic virtues and a good dose of edge and innovation keep being present. REDWOLVES’ first full-length is a complex record, that shows several aspects of REDWOLVES’ talent for writing songs with both directness, catchy hooklines, dynamics and experimentation. This record is party, light and joy, but equally despair, darkness and depression – and with good reason….

Debutalbumet ”Future Becomes Past” finns ute att lyssna på nu!

Vi åker till Aten i Grekland för nästa band.

Skull Koraptor från Grekland.

Trash Metal inspirerad av the Big 4. Klassisk old school utan krusiduller. Jobbar just nu på albumet ”Chaos Station”. Ny singel/Video ute nu!

Vi åker till Serbien och hittar Metal bandet Quasraborn.


Quasarborn’s brand of intense metal reinforced by melodic vocals grinds on in
their new video ”Bastion”
Serbian metal band Quasarborn have just released ”Bastion”, the second video off their upcoming
album ”A Pill Hard to Swallow”. The idea behind the footage (filmed by Jovana Uzelac) was to recreate
the atmoshpere often seen in 90s hip-hop and hardcore videos shot in Los Angeles and New York.

The lyrics pretty much deal with growing up, growing thick skin and learning to deal with the world
around us. Tom Angelripper of Sodom said in an interview: ”You cannot change things, but you can
scream it out.” I’d say you cannot change things, but you can do your best to learn to swim in the ocean
of sh*t and try to make life less miserable for yourself and the ones around you. It’s all about accepting
responsibility and sort of ”becoming your own father”.

The band plans to release several more
music videos before the end of the year. The album release date is set to January 24th 2020

Tillbaka till Grekland och dags för lite Space Psychadelic Stoner Heavy Rock.

Grande Fox.

GRANDE FOX is a band from Thessaloniki formed in 2013. Our genre is Space Psychedelic Stoner Heavy Rock.

Band members:

Lefteris Zaoskoufis – Electric guitar
Nick Berzamanis – Vocals
Dimitris Loukas – Drums
Dimitris Ravikalis – Bass

New Single/Video out now!

Vi tar oss till Gdansk och Polen för nästa grupp.


SPITFISH is a game, a dark whim full of odd and bizarre elements . All this in frames of rock’n’roll. The band’s music follows rock legacy guiding lights, but the story and the concept leads you to the darker places. Absurd of an old horror movie turns into melodic rock songs here.

New album Penny Dreadful” blends a heavier 90s industrial tone with darker mysterious, horror elements, big guitar, huge riffs and traditional rock energy. In short, it is a great testament to the fact that sometimes,

Vi tackar för alla inkommande mail och är tillbaka i November igen!