Nalle Påhlsson slutar i Therion.

Idag blev det officiellt att basisten Nalle Påhlsson slutar i Therion.

Spelningen den sjunde augusti på Brutal assault festival i Tjeckien den sjunde augusti blev hans sista med bandet.

På sin blogg på Rocknytt skriver han så här.

The reason is that the long touring is causing me problems with my health. I get issues with my sleep. Especially when flying overseas.
Sometimes it can take several weeks before I´m back to normal again after a tour.
Due to a surgery in October I won´t be able to play the show in Brazil. Justin Biggs from the band Sorcerer will be there instead of me.
But I will stay in the band for recording and songwriting !
So I will still be included in the Therion Family 

Vi på The Maloik önskar Nalle ett stort lycka till i framtiden!

Fotograf Ulf Romedahl.
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