For fans of: Decapitated, Vomitory
& Blood Red Throne.

Southern death/grind with a twist?
Yeah, you heard it right.
“Be For Oss Alle” is the new album from SON OF A SHOTGUN, the off-shot Southern
death/grind band let by guitar player Ivan “Meathook” Gujic, well-known for his role
as the guitar player of Norwegian death metal gods Blood Red Throne. The record was
produced in Meathook Studios, being mixed and mastered by Cryptopsy’s Christian

Ivan states “We as a band are extremely fired up! Taking our music and talent
to a new level. A big hellyeah goes to Emanzipation for working with Son Of A Shotgun”.
Son Of A Shotgun started in 2015 in Norway, Kristiansand, by the mind & hand of the
guitar player Ivan Meathook Gujic of Norway’s meanest death metal band Blood Red
Throne. SOAS started as a one-man band, with Meathook serving as the songwriter and

The debut album “Mexican Standoff”, released in 2017, featured
Jan Axel Blomberg “Hellhammer” (Mayhem, Acturus), Damege Karlsen (Breed,
Chrome Division), and Maurice Adams (Breed, Motorfinger).

After the release of “The Mexican Standoff” Meathook kicked off a Norwegian tour,
covering all the biggest cities and headlining the Southern Discomfort festival. In
their touring, SOAS even played with Cannibal Corpse and made a documentary of it.
2018 was the year of the SOAS zombie squad.

The project turned to a full line-up, with
some of the best extreme musicians in Norway. The mind-blowing debut of the band
happened in Oslo in 2019. Fully uniformed, war-painted. A military precision gig.


  1. Caught on Guard
  2. My Bible, My Wife, My Gun
  3. All I Got Left
  4. War Inside
  5. Pray for Me
  6. Natural Born Killaz
  7. Strike Above the Neck
  8. Supak

Kriss “The Fuze”: drums
Stian “Gundownyourson”: bass
Henrik “Nomansland”: vocal cords
Lennart von Essen: guitar
Ivan Meathook Gujic: guitars, vocals