News from Electric Boys – New album ready!

Swedish hard rockers ELECTRIC BOYS went back to the Ghost Ward studios with producer/engineer David Castillo with a fresh mindset and recorded a brand new album, titled ”Ups!de Down”, expected to be released in early 2021. A new tour is currently being scheduled. The band is also very happy to welcome back ”Slim” Martin Thomander to the fold. He was the guitar player on the third album ”Freewheelin”.

”Due to different opinions we have mutually decided to part ways with guitar player Franco Santunione and are happy to welcome ”Slim” Martin Thomander back to the fold” says chief songsmith Conny Bloom Official.

Niclas Sigevall, who is the band’s original drummer, is still in the group, but because he’s stuck in LA at the moment, the drums on this record have been played by Jolle Atlagic, who’s been sharing the drumming duties with Niclas since the band’s reunion in 2009.

In other news Electric Boys extended their record deal with Mighty Music for another three albums. This comes in the footsteps of last record, ”The Ghost Ward Diaries”, released in November 2018 by the Danish label. The Boys are right now working hard on the follower.

Michael H. Andersen, CEO Target Group, states: ”How many rock bands today actually have a signature sound? Electric Boys is one of the few and as a fan and a professional I can’t wait for 2021 to arrive and work hard on this new album”.

Photos: Sven Isaksson