First single from their self titled debut album out today!

The single Well Well Well is about living life in the fast lane, and embraces the feeling of not fitting in. Sometimes a lifestyle of extravagance could be due to not having a pause button.

Voodoo Mansion create their own distinct hybrid of rock’n’roll, compatible with the dance floor. The Stockholm quartet’s members come from varied backgrounds, but unite around the idea creating riffing rock that makes the dance floor move.

The immense power of voodoo is similar to the elemental force of rock’n’roll.
Voodoo Mansion preaches ”live free, love rock’n’roll and allow yourself to push the boundaries of the common day”. The spirit of Voodoo Mansion’s music is at the same time timeless and updated.
This is New Old School Rock.

Voodoo Mansion:
Hubbe8ball / drums: Well known on the Stockholm club scene.
Playing rock’n’roll with a James Brown approach.

Mojo Matt / vocals: Fronting and always acting out by nature.
The last piece of a puzzle to complete Voodoo Mansion.

Little J Brink / guitar: Transformed the guitar to a tool combining rock’n’roll
elbow and dance floor friendly riffing. The prototype of an old soul in a young body.

JayBee / bass: A punk attitude bass slugger. Having the role of acting glue in between hard beats
and danceable riffs.

Listen to the new song right here 👇

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