Ny Video: 7 Days In Alaska – I Can’t Eat Money”.

The Norweigan alternative rock trio 7 Days In Alaska has just signed a record deal with Gain/Fifth Island Music and is now releasing the first pieces of the upcoming project of 2020.

”We are confident to do great things together with this amazing band” – Fifth Island Music Team

”We withdraw 2,5 years ago to take a step back and spend time on what we wanted to do next. That took as a while. Research. Writing and more writing. I can’t eat money is the first one out. All of these songs we’re gonna do is gonna try to take us through topics that we deemed important, living in 2020. We’re not gonna go too much into details on what those topics and the themes is just yet, but its all gonna come together when we release the whole project.

We signed with Gain/Fift Island Music last summer. That label houses alot of success stories in rock which is very exciting to us. We’re so happy that they had faith in our ideas and took a chance on us. Those 2 years we’re important time for us to take away. We’re more fit than ever before. And I can say with 100% confidence that these songs are the best ones we have ever written, so far.” /7 Days In Alaska

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