Ny Video: At The Movies – ”Bonus Track”. (What can it be?)

You guys have been the best!!
We are now over 230% on the Indiegogo campaign and albums are getting pressed at the pressing plant as we write this. We still have 6 days to go on the campaign so make sure you get hold of these ONE-OF-A-KIND limited issues of the album.

Ok, so here we are…. Time to reveal the Bonus Track of the album.
Hope you love it as much as we do, progressive but sweet as candy!

Far From Over taken from the 1983 Soundtrack “Staying Alive” (Frank Stallone/ Vince DiCola).
It was a top-ten U.S. single in September 1983, peaking at number ten on the Billboard Top 100.
It also charted as number 2 in Canada!

So people, see you in a few weeks for a new exciting and fun season!

We love ya!

This video is showcasing the album art made by the amazing Mattias Savage, Christel Mentges and Calle Ollinen