Ny Video: Christian Liljegren – ”The Rock”.


Stockholm, Sweden. MARCH 5, 2021

The record label Melodic Passion Records is very proud to release the 2nd single and video “The Rock” from Christian Liljegren (vocalist of Narnia & The Waymaker) and his album Melodic Passion. A passionate stunning hard rock in the finest way to give strength in this pandemic days. Christian Liljegren during his 35 year long music career since 1986, knows how to make good melodies in this driven song, filled with guitar melodies by Stephen Carlson.

Today, Melodic Passion Records proudly presents the 2nd single and video “The Rock” from Christian Liljegren’s album Melodic Passion. Christian Liljegren is one of the most productive hard-rock/metal artists from Sweden and on the rock scene today with nearly 40 different albums under his belt, since he the started his career in 1986. Christian is known for his passion in his singing on albums as well on stage live performing for crowds all around the world.

In Christian’s long music career he has been front man for many bands such as Narnia, The Waymaker, Audiovision, Divinefire, Golden Resurrection, Wisdom Call, Flagship, Modest Attraction, and Borderline to name a few.

As Christian describes it:

  • I am 50 years, and I have been listening and composing a lot of songs. The Rock was the first song me and Stephen Carlson composed together.
    In collaboration with the amazing musicians Per Schelander – bass, Andreas ”Habo” Johansson – drums, Olov Andersson – keyboards and co-producer, and the amazing mixing producer and engineer Viktor Stenqvist, we have created this powerful in your face hardrock The Rock.The final touch in mastering was handled by Narnia’s CJ Grimmark, and on top of that Per Schelander has created a great video showing the passion through the studio sessions of this album.

The intention with this album was to go back to Christian’s musical roots, where he started to listen to music late in the 1970’s. You can hear Christian’s biggest music influences from bands such as Rainbow, The Sweet, Uriah Heep, Queen, Stryper and Europe, as well as favorite singers like Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P), Brian Connolly (R.I.P), David Byron (R.I.P), Freddie Mercury (R.I.P), John Lawton, John Miles, Michael Sweet, and Joey Tempest.

This is also Christian’s debut as music composer, since all music on this album is composed by Christian and Stephen Carlson (Brotthogg, The Rise, Tales, Gil Edwards), an amazing guitarist from Sweden who now lives in Norway. Christian has written all lyrics, vocal melodies and arrangements, and co-produced the album with his good friends Viktor Stenqvist (Narnia’s sound engineer), and Olov Andersson (Audiovision, Veni Domine and keyboard player on this album).

The Melodic Passion album will be released on CD and LP (black and limited purple edition) and on all major digital platforms by Melodic Passion Records and distributed by Sound Pollution Distribution on March 26, 2021.

Christian Liljegren – Lead & backing vocals
Stephen Carlsson – Guitars
Olov Andersson – Keyboards
Andreas “Habo” Johansson – Drums
Per Schelander – Bass

The lineup consists of musicians that have been involved and/or are active in bands like Royal Hunt, Astrakhan, Avatarium, Audiovision, House of Shakira, Neptune, Narnia, Rob Rock & Pain of Salvation.

Guest appearance by Svante Henryson – Cello on This is my love song
The Melodic Passion album is recorded and mixed by Viktor Stenqvist
Mastering by CJ Grimmark
Graphic design by Jonatan Samuelsson
Produced by Christian Liljegren, Olov Andersson & Viktor Stenqvist
Distributed by Sound Pollution

Hemsida: https://melodicpassion.com/artists/christian-liljegren
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christian.liljegren1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christianliljegren