Ny Video: Ethereal Kingdoms – ”Endings”.

Endings – A story of blind hope and bitter memories.

Second single ”Endings” from theatrical symphonic metal act Ethereal Kingdoms from Denmark.

Endings is a continuation and contrast to the story of the latest single ”Heartchamber”, and tells the story of loss in the wake of a broken romance.
The one who have lost, reflects on every bad decision, every blind hope and every wasted moment, watching it turn into a bitter memory.
The potential has shattered like broken strings, an irreversible loss, which no hope can heal.
It is set in a bleaker universe than the previous story, exploring the aftermath of emotional turmoil and its effect on outlook on life. Thus, the single offers a the first, subtle glimpse into the darker aspects of Ethereal Kingdoms’ musical universe.

The character is embodied by Sofia Schmidt’s characteristic vocals, ranging from emotive high notes to desperate growls. Contrasted and complemented with 16-voice choirs and massive metal elements, Endings gains a larger-than-life feeling as the story unfolds.

Ethereal Kingdoms’ debut album ‘Hollow Mirror’ is revealed October 11th 2019 via Mighty Music.

Line up
Sofia Schmidt – Vocals
Christian Rasmussen – Guitar
Jakob Holm – Bass
Jon Elmquist – Drums

Pre-order the album at www.targetshop.dk

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