Ny Video: Her Bright Skies – ”Bored”.

After a 5 year hiatus, the world-renowned rock band Her Bright Skies comes roaring back with a brand new single entitled ”Bored”.

The hard-hitting, fast-paced emo rock anthem encapsulates the band’s characteristic Nordic/North American style leaving fans astonished and demanding more.

Her Bright Skies have developed a distinctly modern sound, with piercing melodies, emotive vocals and an ever-rising tidal wave of fans – all on their own terms. The sound displays a band which has purified its sacred mission to carry your ass into a world where music is first and foremost a party – not psychoanalysis.

With both feet firmly entrenched in the American tradition of melodic punk, pop and metal, Her Bright Skies have developed a way to lift themselves out of small town boredom all the while creating their own niche: energetic rock conveyed with a touch of that indefinable, Nordic sound. The cockiness and the musical language is American, but the accent is perfectly Swedish.