Ny Video: PITCHBLACK – “Slaughter Of the Soul”

Earlier this year PITCHBLACK released “Eyemaster”, of Entombed, which was their first cover track ever. The track was made to honour the death metal legend L-G Petrov.
With a new album “Death & Disbelief” out now on ‘Emanzipation Records, the band did not feel it was time to write a new album yet, but instead use time playing gigs and play some of the songs that inspired them.

To put it straight. Without Entombed and At the Gates our band would never have existed. “Slaughter Of The Soul” has so much energy throughout the song which fits us perfectly and its aggressive, catchy, and 666% badass”, says singer DanIhjel.

The band recorded the track by playing it LIVE in the rehearsal. With two iPhones they filmed it and you will be able to see the video on YouTube, Facebook and on Instagram.

See the video here:

Storm: guitars
Daniel: vocals
Schou: drums
Dag: bass


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