Ny Video: Roof Down – ”Insane’.

”INSANE” – livin’ in the world of today. Crazy world… Insane times… The importance of reflecting one’s context. It affects us all whether we like it or not. Take it seriously! Together we’ll make the world grunge (whole) again! Take care of one another, stay safe and counter world-leading capitalists in the ways you can!

The video was recorded in Stockholm (Nacka), Sweden in January of 2021. Housed in a large ”cave” next door to ”The Hives” who around the same time also worked on a project (according to staff on site). As many times before, we received invaluable support from our partner George Beckman who steadily handled the camera. TheBassMan’s son Leon Hermansen handled the camera for shootin’ behind the scenes-material. He also appears in the video as the poor innocent child with ”fire in the eyes” plus took care of his father’s hairdo and provided the band with refreshments.

The video is self-produced by Roof Down and released by GMR Music, 2021.