Ny Video: Shadowspawn – ”In The Year 2525”.

SHADOWSPAWN – “In The Year 2525” lyric video

Video produced and directed by Shadowspawn
Music by Shadowspawn, lyrics by Zager & Evans

What better song to illustrate the year we’ve all been through than ”In the Year 2525”? In case you don’t know this disturbing Zager & Evans classic song, SHADOWSPAWN now give you a new opportunity with this amazing new video – fittingly, with lyrics. ”In The Year 2525” is a new precursor to the album ”The Biology of Disbelief” album, out early 2021 on Emanzipation Productions.

Shadowspawn is a Danish death-metal act with old school death and thrash metal influences. With a cocktail of traditional death metal, thrash and technical metal, Shadowspawn comes your way with aggressive and powerful riffs in a groovy metal blend. The band was formed in November 2012. And shortly after releasing a 4-track Promo in 2014, Shadowspawn signed a deal with US label HPGD Productions securing the release of the first official album entitled “Ashes Of Sorrow”, released on February 2015.

Keeping the momentum up, the group released the full-length album “Hope Lies Dormant” in November 2017. Critics have received this album very well, and the notable metal magazine Heavymetal.dk announced it “Danish album of the year 2017”. The album featured 11 tracks of pure groovy death and thrash metal!

Now, Shadowspawn has signed a deal with renowned Danish label Emanzipation Productions, and are working on the third instalment, an album entitled “The Biology of Disbelief”, due to be released 2020/early 2021.

First single off that record is already out now, entitled “Condemned Eternity”.

Line up:
Bue T. Jensen: vocals
Nicolai Cheung: guitars
Oliver Ragnar Larsen: guitars
Kelvin Dam: bass
Danni L. Jelsgaard: drums