Ny Video: Ulf Nilsson – ”Underdog”.

Ulf ”The Wolf” Nilsson is now releasing his second single from the upcoming album. Underdog, written by Ulf Himself, is more up tempo with a ”poppier” sound than ususal and is out in the air today, March 27th via Docks/Fifth Island Music, with more singles to come regularly throughout the year.

”UNDERDOG” is a song about feeling a bit like an outsider, you know, not a good fit in your environment. Speaking from personal experience I can say that it’s not only a thing when you’re a kid, it can stay with you through the years and have a huge impact on how you live your life and what choices you make.

That said, to me, ”Underdog” is more than just a song on that topic. It’s also, in a major way, a song of redemption and going against the odds and the conditioning we face in life. Ultimately it’s a song of victory, of never giving up and that’s what I want people to feel when they listen. I know you’re a winner so don’t quit!

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