Tomorrow at 18:00 ECT we will release the ”Early Bird” tickets (these are discounted VIP Tickets for all three days plus an extra pre-party 26 – 29 July).
These are released in limited numbers and once they are gone there will be no more.
Once all bands are relaesed the rest of these tickets will be sold as VIP at a higher rate.
There will also be a link for you to book the official hotel, but more info about this tomorrow.

But with no further ado here is the SECOND of the THREE bands we will announce today joining Remedy & Roulette – SWE at Malmö Melodic!!!

They came out of nowhere and took the AOR community by storm and today they are among the most beloved Scandinavian AOR/MelodicRock acts, this is Perfect Plan!
Go show them some love, because we love them.

”IT’S ALL in the name.

Songs bursting with hooks and big choruses, five guys coming together and feeding of each others creativity.

It’s all in their hearts: the passion for classic melodic rock and AOR, memories of days of future passed strong enough to build a foundation for their contemporary take on the kind of rock’n’roll that shaped them.

It’s Perfect Plan.

THE BAND from Örnsköldsvik Sweden, is the epicentre of AOR, praised by critics and loved by fans. With the release of the new album, apptly titled Brace For Impact, the follow up to debut All Rise (2018) and Time For a Miracle (2020), revered lead singer Kent Hilli says: ”What does the trick is to not overthink it. We’re secure with each other and do whatever feels right. It’s an entity who evolves: the sound, our identity, is there but we progressed as songwriters and musicians.”

With Kent Hilli, who doubles as lead singer for legendary Giant at the helm as a powerhouse singer with a rare sense for tone and dynamics, the band fires on all cylinders. There you go: Rolf Nordström (guitar), Mats Byström (bass), Leif Ehlin (keyboards), Fredrik Forsberg (drums).

”Me and guitarist Rolf Nordström start messing around with ideas, he comes along with a riff, I have a melody. We bring it down to rehearsals. Our songs evolves with all the inputs”, Kent Hilli says.

Brace yourself for world class music, delivered by guys who wear their heroes on their sleeves

-Stefan Johansson, Rockjournalist, Swedish Metal Aid initiator”

So for the first time ever Perfect Plan will play in Malmö.

We bet you gonna love this…