SERPENT LORD “Hail To Nothingness” lyric video

Heavy metal in its darker and most occult form is the proposition of SERPENT LORD, a band coming from the land of heavy metal – Greece – with the will and the power to conquer the world. “Hail To Nothingness”, their new song (and the first one showing what their upcoming album “Apocrypha” will bring upon the listener) hits all the right buttons in the occultist heavy metal genre. A hymn to the night and beyond, celebrating all the greatest things about the style: steel riffs, epic vocals, ritualistic chorus, and even acoustic parts.

“Hail to Nothingness” is our first single released From The Vaults and we couldn’t be happier about it”, bassist Konstantinos Sotirelis comments. ”It’s a song about people’s hunt for love, hope, God, someone to save us from our dark thoughts and desires, whilst understanding that all of our scars and sacrifices are meaningless. This awakening makes us realize that we are devoted to nothingness since birth. In this particular story, the hero, foretells his suicide hoping to be relieved. Finally, he perceives that this fate is Hell”.

Serpent Lord delivers a harrowing dose of occult heavy metal, with every aspect from their stage presence, to the musical production, exuding depth and atmospheric darkness. Having shared the stage with legends such as Primordial, Rotting Christ, Blaze Bayley, Necronomicon, Innerwish, Omen, Grand Magus, Exarsis, Northwind and many others, Serpent Lord pride themselves in delivering a show to encapsulate the crowd; “For us, it’s not just a live show, it is a ritual. The songs talk about rituals, about magic and religions, about demons, so we try to create the appropriate atmosphere on our shows”, the band proudly states. Think Archangel banners, skulls, candles, books of magic, and even stage-side monks. See the video here:

“Apocrypha” will be released in digital, LP, and CD formats by From The Vaults on 19th November 2021.

Line up:
Konstantinos Sotirelis: bass, backing vocals
George Terzitanos: guitars, backing
Marios Arikas: vocals
Lazaros Bouroutzoglou: guitars

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