The Joe Perry Project – Let The Music Do The Talking” 40 år.

Fed up with the slow pace of the recording of Night in the Ruts and frustrated with the band’s precarious financial situation, Perry left Aerosmith in the spring of 1979. He recruited Aerosmith’s former producer Jack Douglas and shared vocal duties with Ralph Morman, who Perry had previously heard in a band called Daddy Warbux. The group was rounded out by bassist David Hull and drummer Ronnie Stewart. ”The contrast between the tortuous ordeal of recording Aerosmith and the seamless groove that characterized the Project was remarkable,” Perry later recalled.”

Let the Music Do the Talking was the first of four albums by The Joe Perry Project, released 6th of March 1980. It was the band’s most successful, selling approximately 250,000 copies in the United States. The title track was re-recorded by Joe Perry’s more successful band Aerosmith on its album Done With Mirrors, albeit with a slightly different melody and Steven Tyler-penned lyrics.

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