Progressive, Symphonic Metal band Vengeant just released their new single, “Curse of the Sands”.

Vengeant is a Swedish female fronter metalband founded by lead guitarist, bassist and composer Christoffer Holm and manager Emma Elmén.

The music is inspired by Magic: the Gathering!

Although an independent band that started from nothing, Vengeant has already attracted 14.000+ fans on their social medias, since their inception this year (2021).

“Curse of the Sands” displays yet another dimension of the Vengeant sound with a middle eastern soundscape and darker lyrical content than previous songs.
Fans can still expect the established Vengeant mix, including a mix of power metal and operatic vocals, ambitious guitarwork, technical and energetic drumming, backed up by a landscape of cinematic orchestrations!

Vengeant is:

Danae Komodromou – Vocals

Christoffer Holm – Lead Guitar & Bass

Dennis Eriksson – Rhythm Guitar

Alfred Fridhagen – Drums

Artwork by Saša Radivojević