The untold story behind the rise of H.E.A.T!

“Remembering where you come from is what keeps you humble, I think”
Says keyboardist Jona Tee.

H.E.A.T delivers a feast for your eyes in the days of the pandemic while eagarly anticipating the victory over Covid-19 and returning to the road. This Saturday the band shares the untold story of how it all began, showing never-before-seen footage and recordings from the early days accompanied by interviews. Singer Kenny Leckremo makes a unique visit to the site of the original H.E.A.T headquarters in Sweden, for the first time in over a decade.

“Now is an excellent opportunity try to utilize the digital opportunities to connect with the fans and share our story in a modern format.” Says drummer Don Crash.

The band will be watching the premiere together with the fans, answer questions and just hang out with fellow rockers in the chat.

February 27, 7:00 PM CET

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