The 5 track EP “A World Of Disaster” is due to be released later this year.

Announced as Sweden’s best and finest Metalcore Band, Writing The Future gives you a show that is something spectacular and are experts on giving the audience a live show that is just as intense as the records.

With 5 Music videos, 2 Ep ́s, 1 album and countless of executed live shows with bands such as Smash Into Pieces, Lillasyster, The Unguided, Dead by April, Dregen and many more, Writing The Future is Stronger than they ever have been before.

The upcoming EP, “A world Of Disaster”, is recorded by Philip Strand and mixed/master by Dino Medanhodzic. It is a high quality and powerful piece
that brings out a lot of emotions. The sound is modern and somewhat different and new from what they usually do. The band was searching for someone to cooperate with, someone that believes in their music and their product as much as they do. So, the cooperation with GAIN/Fifth Island Music was initiated.  

We are thrilled to announce the signing with Writing The Future. They have been on our radar for a while and finally we can have our go in taking this band to the levels they deserve.” – Team GAIN.

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