Writing The Future
release the new single and music video ”Broken Heart”.

”You know the feeling of helplessness, the feeling of not being enough. This is not a regular song written with emotions. This is our honest feelings and emotions. Some things that happen in our life are problems we can’t solve we just need to struggle through. And some of these emotions and feelings leave us with a broken heart. This is a story about something that broke my heart and I couldn’t do anything about it.” //Writing The Future

Writing The Future, mentioned as “Best Metalcore band” 2 years in a row by Close Up Magazine, has since the start in 2013 released 1 album and 3 Eps on their own alongside with executing several tours supporting Her Bright Skies, Corroded, Lillasyster etc.. and performed at some of Sweden’s biggest festivals. The band teamed up with GAIN/Fifth Island Music for their second album where the emphasis lies in their pride to stand up for themselves and fight for the mutual goals between them and their fans and followers. Expect to relate if you ever been bullied, abused, depressed or if you have opinions on religion, climate or world health. Writing The Future’s next album is by far the best the band will release so far and is boldly pointing out all of our everyday problems. 

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