Release: 2020-04-03

Ground zero. According to the terminology, the zone with the most damage. Rather, it concerns to the territorial sphere. But what if we use this term in the personal category? 

With this comes the first song (and music video)- ”Presence Of Mind” – released from the new album. 

Here we get a song typical for the band with a deeper message in content. Master of lyrics, Nils Molin, usually deals with the darker sides of a human existence. Fighting with own demons, desires. Hoping for freedom. Inspired by accidents, situations all around us. Using words eloquently. Actually, parts of the texts could be used as a kind of poetry.

”Presence Of Mind” unusually contains a spoken passage:

”As we carelessly propel forward
We leave behind a trail of destruction in our wake
Subconsciously this fact accelerates our trajectory forward in order to
escape the undesirable realisation of responsibility
Inevitably we crash into a wall of realisation with the smallest hurdle to overcome

Cause and effect
Act and consequence
As we sin we begin to suffer
The higher we fly the further we must fall
As we crash and burn we have the choice of rising to learn
In the end all is within the grasp of our mind
Overcome or succumb
Rise or fall further”(…) 

This makes us reflect on the actions we all take, blind all the time, focused to reach a goal.  And which sometimes ruin what we have. It is a bit of a warning against consequences that can wreak havoc in our lives. 

And finally – key words that appear again, in ”My Darkest Hour”, from the previous album: ”This is where we crash and burn, This is where we start to learn ”. 

In the passage above we read ” As we crash and burn we have the choice of rising to learn”.

Asking once about the theme of the songs and this kind of openness to darker subjects, I got the answer that all such experiences can be a good source of strength, if we learn from them properly. This is probably what the author, tries to convey to us in some of his thought-provoking lyrics. 

Returning to the latest record, one and a half years after the release of ”Firesign”, in ”The Dark Delight” we get a set of characteristic melodic and symphonic songs. Groovy bass lines, outstanding guitar solos and piano sounds intro openings. 

”Heartless Madness” seems to be the candidate for a great song for live performances. It has a kind of pure energy with a very catchy chorus that just simply gets stuck and swirls in the head. If the madness could be described with the sound… the rhythmic section did a damn great job. 

Rock music generally comes from rebellion, this mood can be felt in some of the songs.  A kind of anxiety, raw, unfettered energy.

”The Road To Redemption” has been written in a different style. If the listener closes his eyes, he could have the impression of watching the beginning of an old school western movie. With a wild west scenery, or a cowboy following an empty road. Lazy, protracted sounds/words for this style of western – country music.

Dynazty is definitely not afraid to experiment with the sound! There are no narrow boundaries and assignments to a specific category of rock-metal music. In ”From Sound to Silence” we hear Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson, known as GG6 (Amaranthe).  

Many of us know the combo of his growl with Nils’ soaring, clear vocals. It turned out really interesting with Dynazty’s sound this time. 

This band doesn’t stay in one level. They reach higher with each album!  So, where ”Firesign” ended, ”The Dark Delight” starts. Be prepared. 

I will not tell you more – I hope I made you more curious about the new material. Enjoy the first single here:

And remember to buy the new album as soon as it is out.  Be sure that ”The Dark Delight ” is a masterpiece and is more than worth to have it.

Thanks to the courtesy of AFM Records for the opportunity to pre-listen to this masterpiece.

Track list:
1. Presence Of Mind
2. Paradise Of The Architect
3. The Black
4. From Sound To Silence (Feat. GG6)
5. Hologram
6. Heartless Madness
7. Waterfall
8. Threading The Needle
9. The Man And The Elements
10. Apex
11. The Road To Redemption
12. The Dark Delight
13. The Shoulder Devil (Bonus Track)

Band’s press release about the new album:
Swedish melodic metal band DYNAZTY to release new album” THE DARK DELIGHT” on April 3rd. First single” PRESENCE OF MIND” out on January 30th.
Formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008, DYNAZTY has since released 6 albums in a mere 10-year window. Straying from their early days of 80’s influenced Hardrock, the band has developed and refined their sound into something that merges the modern metal scene with the past, crafting something wholly unique.

Today the band is comprised of highly respected and sought-after musicians, active on the metal scene in more than one way. Bassist Jonathan Olsson can also be seen in both LINDEMANN and PAIN, guitarist Love Magnusson and drummer Georg Härnsten Egg frequently tours with rock legends such as DEE SNIDER and JOE LYNN TURNER.

Guitarist Mikael Lavér has been featured with both LINDEMANN and JOE LYNN TURNER, while singer Nils Molin can be heard and seen around the globe with the ever-rising star of fellow Swedish band AMARANTHE.

DYNAZTY are now on April 3rd set to release their biggest and most engrossing album yet –” THE DARK DELIGHT”.

Singer Nils Molin says about the album: ”We pulled out all the stops, pulled no punches and held nothing back on this one. ”THE DARK DELIGHT” is the complete vision of what this band has always wanted to be”.

Spearheaded by the first single/music video” PRESENCE OF MIND”, DYNAZTY enters the new decade with a bang. The single and music video of PRESENCE OF MIND will be released on all platforms on January 30th.
”PRESENCE OF MIND showcases the raw nature of our band and is just the kind of groovy and melodic onslaught of a song we always wanted to release as a first single”.

Cover art by: Gustavo Sazes

/Aleksandra Pajak (Aleksandra Pajak Photograpy)